This site contains an abbreviated survey . The portfolios I have included , and their time frames, illustrate in a limited way, the progressive developement of my  visual experiments. It does not include all the work I have created, or destroyed during my career. The foremost  purpose here, is to showcase the recent work. My current  methods, and the mediums I countinue to use are, as usual , unconventional. Guestbook commentary is welcomed.

This series of images was begun in 2006, and occured as a natural result of my work maturing in a direction away from a form of narrative, or storytelling, to a freely expressive poetic visual language. It is directly fed by notions, and ideas that  developed over the past two decades . My continued use of  mixed mediums, and various forms of both photo, and copier transparencies add an unexpected quality to these images  that has the appearence of  both painting, and or  large scale drawing. The images very often fool the observer.

These small format pieces are 8.5" X 11" transparencies of various types. Multilayered with inkjet images and mixed media pigments one  over of the other

From 1974 till 1980 I constructed 18 paintings from canvases that used both the floor and the walls as support. This created both a spacial, sculptural feel, as well as, the resemblence of paintings, thus they explored both the 2nd and 3rd dimension and their relationship to one another. Nine works of this series were exhibited at my first one-person show at the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art {Cayman Gallery} in 1977. Work from this series is in the collection of the Museo Del Barrio.

The Pattern Paintings were part of a series of acrylic paintings  I created in the 1980’s. Please note these and other work included in this  Archive may no longer be available.